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How has the curling club ice issues affected you?

Members of the Corner Brook Curling Club have had a frustrating start to their season, as the ice plant at the local facility is operating at only 50 per cent of its capacity, which has delayed the season by two months already. While the wait has been tough on everyone, it may be even worse for junior curlers who are slated to compete at the upcoming U21 Juniors in Gander from Dec. 17-22.


We asked: How has the ice issue at the Corner Brook Curling Club facility affected your preparation for the U21 Juniors?


Nathan King

Corner Brook

It’s been hard to practice and having to go to Stephenville as much as we can really. Managing time with school and other stuff and going out there, it’s really hard to get the practice in. We go as much as we can, but it hasn’t really been a lot. It’s tough.


Mackenzie Mitchell

Corner Brook

We haven’t had as much practice as we normally do. It’s been really hard on us trying to go to Stephenville all the time, but we’ve been going twice a week so I feel like we’re going to be prepared enough. Hopefully if we get ice on in time, we’ll get a full week of practice.


Daniel Bruce

Corner Brook

Obviously it’s affected us a lot. We haven’t really got consistent quality time on the ice. We might go maybe twice a week to the Caribou (Curling Club) in Stephenville but that’s not consistent enough. It’s been a little bit tough, but we had a good week last week, so we’re getting through it.


Ainsleigh Piercey

Corner Brook

It’s affected us because it’s really altered our training plan. We have a lot to look forward to this year, and we were hoping to get started back in October and now it’s December and we haven’t gotten there yet.


Andrew Bruce

Corner Brook

It’s kind of worse for me because this is my last year of curling. After this year I’m leaving the team and I really want to win this year and go and do a curling nationals. I’ve been to golf nationals but never to a curling nationals. This just really sucks that when I want to practice really bad and get this, I can’t.


Mikayla O’Reilly

Corner Brook

It’s been kind of tricky, we don’t really get to practice as much anymore, but we’re making it work I think.

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