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Pirates triumph over Mariners

Both quarterbacks kept throwing to the wrong team, but Greg Whelan connected for two touchdown passes, which was enough to power the Pasadena Pirates to a 14-7 victory over Marine Lounge in Sunday afternoon action from the Corner Brook Coors Light Touch Football League at Wellington Street Sports Complex.

Falcons’ Josh Skinner, left, lays down a touch to stop Winmar Raiders’ Colin Lynch who intercepted the throw from the Falcons quarterback during Corner Brook Coors Light Touch Football League play Sunday at the Wellington Street Soccer Pitch.

Mark Gillis and Steve Goulds were the recipients of those two passes. Otherwise, Whelan had a day to forget with four picks.

Kev Hull and Steve Kelly made the one-point conversions for the victors, while Kelly came up with a pair of sacks on defence. Kev Hull secured a pair of picks, with Jeff Hull and Colton Kennedy each snagging one each.

Harry Patterson also threw four interceptions for the Mariners, with one touchdown toss to Robert Wheeler mixed in.

Wheeler, Adam Anderson, Steve Perry and Doug Miller all recorded picks defensively, while Adam Anderson kicked a rouge.

In other action, Bill Avery connected with Ryan Barry in the endzone as the Winmar Raiders downed the Falcons 7-1.

Avery was intercepted twice otherwise, while Matt Roche was also charged with an interception.

Colin Lynch picked off opposing quarterback Tyler Wells three times, while Roche (2) and Ian Sinclair also intercepted him. Chris Bulger kicked a rouge in the win.

Wells had better days under centre, with six picks, but made two interceptions of his own defensively. He also recorded a sack and kicked a rouge.

Miguel Jones had a pair of sacks, while Josh SKinner had the other interception.

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