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Blomidon golf course suffers damage to greens thanks to unwanted visitors

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Andrew Margeson isn’t too impressed with the people responsible for causing damage to the greens at Blomidon Golf and Country Club by speeding around the course on snowmobiles and all-terran vehicles over the winter.

Margeson, who is superintendent at the 18-hole golf course in Corner Brook, was conducting a course tour to check out the facility after a heavy rainfall when he discovered damage to the greens on No. 15 and 16 holes were caused by people who were riding their machines on the course and having a few cold beers, as evident by the beer bottles strewn around the greens.

He had expected there was some minor damage when he looked at the course before the snow hit in November, but had no idea of the extent of the damage until he took a tour of the facility.

He is saddened by what he saw because he is the guy responsible for keeping the greens immaculate for golfers to enjoy and he knows how hard his crew work with him to do what he takes pride in doing.

“It makes my blood boil,” Margeson said Thursday morning. “We’re busy enough trying to get open let alone something that shouldn’t happen.”

Fortunately, he said, Blomidon’s opening shouldn’t be delayed and the worst case scenario would be one temporary green. He figures it will take a week to fix the greens and then another three or four weeks will be required for the sod to tie in and smooth out so he doesn’t anticipate any delay.

He’s already taking steps to address the problem. Signs will be posted around the course and he’s looking into having remote sensor-based cameras put up in the trees in the area and fencing in off those two greens for the winter months with hopes that if people see a visible barrier they may just stay off the property.

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