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Angus Head happy to see Western Kings franchise stay in Corner Brook

Angus Head
Angus Head

The new executive for the Newfoundland and Labrador major midget hockey league announced on Friday that franchise rights for the Western Kings have been awarded to the BradRil Group led by Craig Simms of Corner Brook and Josh Oake of Deer Lake.

Junior Pinksen

The decision comes after several months of controversy over the awarding of the franchise to a number of groups in the mix for the rights to run the team for the next two seaons with an option for a third year.
A Corner Brook group, led by Kevin McCarthy and Angus Head, had been running the team for a number of years but controversy began to swirl when the Town of Deer Lake was awarded the franchise and the team would be moving up the highway.
However, Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador’s minor council rescinded the decision and gave the team back to McCarthy’s group until a final decision could be made.

What did you think of the decision?
Junior Pinksen, Town of Deer Lake
The Town of Deer Lake is Ok with the process. I mean it’s something we’ve never cried foul over, but other groups have. We still really feel it’s about the kids so as long as they’re getting a credible program, the coaching staff remains the same and nothing is altered we’re Ok with it. The process of Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador major midget council we’re not going to cry foul over that and we took the high road the whole way through and we’re going to continue to do the same thing. We said let the process be the process. We felt we had the best proposal, the only thing that changed is the people sitting there and the people around the table said we had the best so we’ll just leave that where it’s at.

Angus Head, former Kings coach
I got mixed emotions on it. I’m fine with the fact it’s in Corner Brook. But, the only question I’ve asked right from Day 1 is why? That’s all I’ve ever asked. I think it belongs in Corner Brook and I got no animosity certainly towards Craig and them, and we will do everything we can to support them moving forward. But, we’ve kept asking the question as to why when something’s not broke why are you trying to fix it.

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