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ASK THE PEOPLE: Why are you trying out for the Corner Brook Royals?

The West Coast Senior Hockey League will begin regular season play on Nov. 16, so teams are currently busy looking to fill their respective rosters. That includes the Corner Brook Royals, who held two open tryouts this past week, with two more slated for the next two Tuesdays. These tryouts feature a few familiar faces, as well as some newcomers attempting to get their skate in the door.

Question: Why do you want to be a Corner Brook Royal?

Scott Delaney

Stephenville Crossing

I’d like to be a Royal because I think it’s a great group of guys here. It’s good hockey here on the west coast and I think a lot of the guys here are prepared for it, so it should be a fun year.

Rob Roberts

Corner Brook

I grew up playing a lot of minor hockey, and of course the only thing to do after you graduate if you want to keep playing is trying to get in the senior league. So, after me taking a 10-year break, as soon as I got in my 30s I started training, trying to get back to this level and now here we are. Hopefully I make the team this year.

Nick Robinson

Labrador Straits

I just moved into Corner Brook. My girlfriend is going to school, so I followed her in, and I’m just looking to play some hockey, that’s all.

Daniel Noseworthy

Port au Choix

I’ve dreamed of playing competitive hockey my whole life, but my parents never really had the money to be up here. I’m up here now going to school, and this is probably the best hockey I can play here, so I want to play it.

Riley Chaulk

Corner Brook

It should be a good skate and a fun time. Just enjoy yourself playing hockey.

Brady Anderson

Corner Brook

Because I’ve played hockey here all growing up, so I just figured I’d try it.

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