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How are you enjoying the Hockey Day in Canada clinics?

Young boys and girls, some of them with aspirations of playing for their favourite National Hockey League team some day, were pretty excited about sharing the ice with some NHL legends during on-ice clinics scheduled for Hockey Day in Canada this week in Corner Brook.

Wendell Clark was busy giving autographs and posing for photos after he provided a group of bantam-age players with some tips during a Toronto Maple Leafs clinic Thursday at the Kinsmen Arena II.

The Star spoke with six players who participated in the clinic and asked them why they signed up for the clinic and how was the experience for them being a part of Hockey Day in Canada events?


Gabe Rogers

I decided to show up because it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it was fun to be out there on the ice with some NHL players. It was a good time and they taught you some new things that wouldn’t already know. They are really advanced in their hockey skills and hockey mentality so it was fun to learn from them. I am really looking forward to meeting Chris Neil and Wendell Clark if I get a chance. My dad used to watch Wendell and he was a big fan of him and Chris Neil I liked him because he was bit of a goon and liked to fight.


Scott Woolfrey

It was pretty cool to see all the players out there. They were showing us some things and it was exciting to realize how far they went with their careers. I really want to meet Lanny McDonald because I like his moustache.



Caylie Hopkins

I wanted to meet the players to begin with, and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance. It’s probably not going to happen again so take the chance why you got it. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone but, for particular events, I can’t wait for the outdoor classic because that’s something I won’t get to do again.



Mckenna Batstone

It was a really good experience. It’s not something a lot of people my age gets to do every day. We did a few drills that I guess the pros do and it was really fast-paced and I learn a lot of new things. I’m looking forward to watching the alumni game because you get see these players still playing the game after they finished.


Erin Hulan

It was really fun because it’s an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It was a good experience and I learned a lot. I learned that you have to think quicker on the ice to be a better player. I’m looking forward to watching the alumni game to see how good the players are now.


Brooke Eason

It was a good experience because we got a chance to do something that not every child gets to do and we got to learn a lot of stuff from the coaches on the ice. I say I’m looking forward most to watching all the pond hockey games. 

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