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Meadows receives funding to erect roof over community rink

Meadows receives funding to erect roof over community rink
Meadows receives funding to erect roof over community rink - Dave Kearsey

Life is about to get better for those who use the outdoor community rink in Meadows.

The Town of Meadows, through the New Building Canada Fund-Small Communities Fund, will receive $660,000 in funding to construct a new roof over the outdoor rink located in the heart of the tiny town on the north shore of the Bay of Islands.

The agreement will see the Town of Meadows cover 40 per cent of the cost, while the provincial and federal governments will each pay 30 per cent of the cost.

A steel structure with an aluminum roof with no sides will enclose the playing surface that has seen a beehive of activity since Mayor Jamie Brake, serving in the role of recreation committee chairperson, took the lead role on building a community rink three years ago.

It’s an exciting day for the boys and girls, as well as adults of all ages, who have enjoyed skating or playing shinny on a facility that continues to attract people from all over the Humber Valley.

The community rink, through an investment of more than $300,000 from the provincial government and Meadows recreation commission fund-raising ventures, already boasts a new building built last year that features a viewing area with glass windows above the ice surface with changerooms, bathrooms and a canteen.

Brake said there is a buzz around the community because the rink has become a popular place for people to have fun and spend time with family and friends.

Money spent on providing recreational opportunities for youth is something Brake has always believed in when he began his journey of building something that the town could be proud of and people would embrace.

“What this means is I can offer more accountability to programs because we’re hot hindered by the wind, rain and snow, and plus our season should be a little longer,” Brake said.

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