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Cadets hoping to improve marksmanship at Connaught Ranges

Maggie Hunt and Lucas Hann of 2590 Gallipoli Army Cadets get in some shooting practice at Gallipoli Armoury earlier this week.
Maggie Hunt and Lucas Hann of 2590 Gallipoli Army Cadets get in some shooting practice at Gallipoli Armoury earlier this week.

Being handy with a small-bore rifle is key to being a competitive threat in the sport of biathlon.

The As a result, three cadets from the west coast are eager to find out how they stack up against their peers.

Cpl. Lucas Hann and Master Cpl. Maggie Hunt, of 2590 Gallipoli Army Cadets have earned an invite to a six-week Fullbore Marksman Phase 1 course at the Connaught Cadet Training Centre at Connaught Ranges just outside of Ottawa. Joining them in the nation’s capital will be Master Cpl. Lanisha Benoit of the 2904 Cambrai Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps in Stephenville.

The top 100 cadets across the country, based on their performance at a three-week basic marksmanship course last summer using the Daisy 853 C Air Rifle, will receive training on the 5.6 mm C11 Target Rifle with emphasis on leadership training.

Biathlon is an Olympic winter sport, which combines competitive, free-technique cross-country skiing and small-bore rifle marksmanship.

This trio of cadets hope to gain valuable knowledge that will allow them to be more effective in blending good shooting results with fast times on the nordic trails.

If they place in the top 36 at Connaught, these cadets will receive an invitation to the third phase, the Fullbore Marksmanship Phase II course. For those who finish in the top 18 shooters at the third phase will form the National Rifle Team for the fourth stage, which will include a tri to the United Kingdom for some National Rifle Association matches at Bisley in two years time.


Name: Maggie Hunt

Team: 2590 Gallipoli Army Cadets

Rank: Master Corporal

Years in cadets: 4

Hometown: Mount Moriah

Age: 15

Parents: Warrick and Maureen Hunt

Quote: “In order to be a good biathlete you need to know how to shoot well so the faster you shoot and the better you shoot the less skiing you have to do and the less time it takes for you to do that.”

Goals: Make the National Rifle Team going to United Kingdom for matches in 2019


Name: Lucas Hann

Team: 2590 Gallipoli Army Cadets

Rank: Corporal

Years in cadets: 3

Hometown: Corner Brook

Age: 15

Parents: Jeanie and Scott Hann

Quote: “What we will learn up there is how to shoot properly and how to control your breathing which should help with biathlon.”

Goals: Earn a spot on Canada Games biathlon team

*** Edited May 19 to correct information provided to The Star about the names of one of the parents***

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