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Corner Brook High Grade 10 boys basketball team back on the hardwood

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Ryan Park is back as coach with a 12-man roster to groom on the hardwood.

The Grade 10 boys basketball program at Corner Brook High has started up again after being limbo for about six weeks after the program was halted and the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District and school officials opted to conduct a review of the existing program.

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Naming of alternates an issue with Corner Brook boys basketball team

Players and parents were left in limbo. They had plenty of questions, but nobody was willing to provide answers as to what caused it.

School board officials eventually decided that a resetting of the team was in order because it was determined the original selection process went against Corner Brook High’s athletic policy.

Park had selected 10 players for the original roster with no alternates. Now, in the second go-around after five open tryouts, the team is comprised of 12 players with no alternates. There were only 12 players who attended the open tryouts used to pick the roster this time around.

Tom Stewart, a local basketball coach who serves as western director for the Newfoundland and Labrador Basketball Association, has been keeping a keen eye on the developments with the team, but he wasn’t willing to talk about the resetting of the team because he feared there would be possible ramifications if he spoke about it in the public domain.

The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District was contacted for comment on the latest with the team and a request for an interview was declined, but NLESD communications director Ken Morrissey responded via email.

“The process has now been completed and players notified. The focus of everyone involved is on having a fun and successful basketball season,” he wrote.

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