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Corner Brook's Andrew Bruce puts the cap on successful season of golf

Golfer Andrew Bruce follows through a tee-off and watches his ball sail over the green.
Golfer Andrew Bruce follows through a tee-off and watches his ball sail over the green.

Andrew Bruce’s summer spent golfing was a tee-shot that landed pretty close to the hole.

The 18-year-old, who lived in Ottawa with his family before moving to Corner Brook at age seven, was a top performer in several major golf tournaments this season.

He says his summer began with a trip to Marystown for the Newfoundland provincials tournament, where he met his goal by finishing in the top three.  

He came first and second in a couple of local tournaments, before turning his attention toward a three-week road trip and the Canada Games tournament. It was here he faced his toughest competition.

“The top three golfers from every province are there, so you have to shoot some pretty good scores if you’re going to finish in the top 10.”

Bruce admits he was a little disappointed with his performance at the tournament, but that getting to play there, and the trip itself was a great experience.  

Bruce bounced back from the Canada Games by sinking a victory at the Tely Tour – another provincial-wide tournament, with games both at golf clubs on the east and west coasts of the island.

Now Bruce, who has been teeing up balls since his dad started taking him and his brother to the driving range at the age of four, is gearing up for a fall that will see him try and seek a home in the competitive world of varsity-level sports.

Bruce says it’s his goal to land a golf scholarship at a major university. If he’s successful, it’ll likely take him to somewhere on the mainland, like the University of Victoria, or to a school in the States.

But for now, Bruce says he’s content to take a year of general study at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland and work on fine-tuning his game even further, and try to sink a scholarship somewhere for next fall.

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