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High winds delay opening of Marble Mountain ski resort

Avid downhill skiers and snowboarders will have to be patient as they wait for a chance to tackle Marble Mountain with vigour.

According to Marble Mountain’s website, the Lightning Express Chairlift is closed for the remainder of the day due to high wind gusts in the 80-km range at the top of the mountain.

While the top of the hill is closed, the website says the magic carpet at the bottom is open for the afternoon and the Snow School program would go ahead as planned.

A snowsquall watch with a biting wind, issued by Environment Canada on Saturday, left Marble officials with no choice but to delay the start of a new ski season.

The update on the website said the Lightning Express had to be closed for the day due to low visibility at the top of the hill because of the wind and snowsqualls.

The outdoor operations crew is working away on the hill today with their efforts concentrated on getting enough snow accumulated on the lower mountain.

Updates on conditions at the Steady Brook ski resort can be obtained through the Marble Mountain website at


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