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Pasadena claims invitational hoops crown

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Lucas Seaward drained a game-high 26 points on Saturday as the home team took the title at the Pasadena Academy Falcons senior boys invitational basketball tournament.

Nathan Carter chipped in with 18 points in the championship-clinching 66-62 win over Xavier Junior High.

Luke Noble netted 19 points in the losing cause, while Tyler Stagg scored 18.

The tournament all-star team consisted of Carter, Noble, Scott Woolfrey of the Corner Brook Regional High 10s, Drew Taylor of Viking Trail Academy, and Andrew Small of Copper Ridge.

Seaward was named tournament MVP.

The following are scores and top scorers from the round-robin portion of the tournament:

Pasadena vs Xavier (75-54)

Pasadena (Lucas Seaward: 22 pts, Nathan Carter: 20 pts)

Xavier (Gavin Curtis: 22 pts, Ryan Legge: 14 pts)

Viking Trail vs CBRH 10s (98-80)

Viking Trail (Drew Taylor: 33 pts, Josh Way: 20 pts)

CBRH 10s (Scott Woolfrey: 21 pts, Keegan Piercey: 14 pts)

Xavier vs Copper Ridge Academy (71-57)

Xavier (Gavin Curtis: 24 pts, Ryan Legge: 15 pts)

Copper Ridge (Andrew Small: 17 pts, Thomas Downey: 8 pts)

Pasadena vs Viking Trail (79-72)

Pasadena (Lucas Seaward: 30 pts, Tyler Murphy: 18 pts)

Viking Trail (Drew Taylor: 27 pts, Chris Hynes: 17pts)

CBRH 10s vs Copper Ridge (89-63)

CBRH 10s (Scott Woolfrey: 20 pts, Keegan Piercey: 10 pts)

Copper Ridge (Andrew Small: 29 pts, Thomas Downey: 16 pts)

Xavier vs Viking Trail (55-53)

Xavier (Gavin Curtis: 22 pts, Tyler Stagg: 8 pts)

Viking Trail (Josh Way: 22 pts, Ethan Taylor: 11 pts)


Pasadena vs Copper Ridge (97-68)

Pasadena (Nathan Carter: 25 pts, Lucas Seaward: 17 pts)

Copper Ridge (Andrew Small: 16 pts, Thomas Downey: 14 pts) 

Xavier vs CBRH 10s (79-73)

Xavier (Ryan Legge: 21 pts, Luke Noble: 19 pts)

CBRH 10s (Evan Pittman: 19 pts, Bradley Sheppard: 13 pts) 

Copper Ridge vs Viking Trail (56-67)

Copper Ridge (Andrew Small: 14 pts, Daniel Hurley: 13 pts)

Viking Trail (Chris Hynes: 14 pts, Josh Way: 13 pts)

Pasadena vs CBRH 10s (78-76)

Pasadena (Nathan Carter: 12 pts, Lucas Seaward: 12 pts)

CBRH 10s (Keegan Piercey: 20 pts, Evan Pittman: 17 pts)

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