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Pasadena takes Corner Brook Intermediate invitational basketball tourney

['Thinkstock Basketball']
['Thinkstock Basketball']

The Pasadena 7/8 Falcons went undefeated recently, outlasting five other teams en route to a gold medal in the championship game of the Corner Brook Intermediate Grade 7 boys basketball invitational.

The Falcons defeated the Corner Brook Intermediate 7s Storm 51-39 in the final game of the CBI Grade 7 Boys Invitational.

The Falcons were led by a dominating performance by Connor King who scored 25 points in the victory.

Tanner Rumbolt chipped in nine points for the Falcons.

The Storm’s top scorers in the championship game were Logan Etheridge with 10 and Markus Spingle, who drained nine.

The Storm punched their ticket in the final with a solid 46-11 win over the Humber Valley U12 Mountaineers Basketball Club.

Andrew Gillard was the top shooter for CBI with nine points, while Etheridge and Spingle contributed eight points apiece.

Cameron Burridge scored four points for the Mountaineers.

In the other semifinal, the Falcons secured a place in the finals with a 52-16 win over the St. Peter’s Mariners.

King led the charge with 14 points in the win, while Isaac Morton threw in 10 points. The Mariners were led by Marcus Gallant, who managed six points in the loss.

Round robin results:

Pasadena – 54             Connor King (16), Ethan Howell (11)

Mountaineers – 28      Mason Pawley (10), Sam Patterson (11)

St. Peter’s – 38            Marcus Gallant (13), Cameron Sheppard (9)

Hawks – 37                 Ben Butt (15), Tanner Brake (6)

Pasadena – 65             Connor King (16), Chase Kendall (10)

Wolves – 15                Matthew Birmingham/Jesse King (4)

CBI – 53                     Logan Etheridge/Brodie Miller (10)

St. Peter’s – 30            Cameron Sheppard (10), Carter O’Connell (7)

Mountaineers – 59      Sam Patterson (14), Mason Pawley (11)

Wolves – 35                Riley Jenkins (8), Jesse King (6)

CBI – 44                     Brady Cave (8), Ryan Hann (6)

Hawks - NA                Ethan Huxter (14), Ben Butt (10)

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