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What are you looking forward to at the 2018 Winter Games?

The 2018 Newfoundland and Labrador Winter Games start in Deer Lake today and hundreds of young athletes from around the province will descend on the Humber Valley town over the next week. We checked in with some of those athletes from the host team to get their thoughts on the Games.

We asked:

What do you hope to accomplish at the Games? What are you looking forward the most about the experience?

EmmaJoan Major


Deer Lake

Basketball (female)

“I hope we win gold, but I just think we’ll reach for a medal. I think we’ve got a pretty good chance. If we play like we always do we’ll have a really good chance. Seeing all the people there and being with my friends and meeting new people.”

Cole Power


Deer Lake

Basketball (male)

“To score over 10 points, maybe get three to five assists, play my heart out and win. I’m looking forward to seeing the athletes. Deer Lake is hosting the Winter Games this year, which is really exciting. There are a lot of great athletes in the province.”

Kylie Coish


Deer Lake


“To have fun and do my best. To see my friends from the other clubs. I’m looking forward to it.”

Jonathan Park


Deer Lake

Hockey (male)

“It will be cool if I could win a couple of games, have the team come out top two, top three. Probably all the people that’s going to be there, all the good hockey players.”

Allee Simmons


Deer Lake

Volleyball (female)

“To win at least one game. To see all the different sports that are going to be there. I’m looking forward to meeting the athletes.”

Holly Fitzpatrick


Deer Lake

Figure skating — second time at a Games, competed in Clarenville in 2014

“I would like to have a clean skate in my program. Getting to see all my friends that I’ve made throughout the years and just to have a really good time, because it’s so fun.”

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