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Artificial turf placed in storage at annex

The turf is up at the civic centre annex.

Corner Brook civic centre general manager Will Smith confirmed Wednesday that the artificial turf for indoor soccer has been placed in storage because it’s not practical to use it.

Smith said the problem is that the turf is being stored in the loading bay adjacent to the Saltos gymnastics facility with no way to effectively get it from the storage bay to the other side of the annex. There is no other place to store it, not even inside because then volleyball programs wouldn’t be able to use the space.

“The turf is currently stored and this winter it will not be used because it’s impractical,” Smith said.

Since the turf has been placed in storage the city’s indoor soccer league is now playing its games out of the Grenfell Campus gymnasium, while women’s and minor soccer programs are still going ahead at the annex with participants using a different ball on the floor itself.

The artificial turf is long and big, weighing in approximately 800 pounds and requires extensive labour to put it down. Smith said the artificial turf never really worked the way it was suppose to so putting it in storage was the only solution for the time being.

Whether or not the artificial turf will be sold or used again down the road remains to be seen.

“There’s been no decision made on that so currently we’re storing it for at least this winter,” he said.

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