Public can have a say in Pepsi Centre renaming

Diane Crocker
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Corner Brook Coun. Tony Buckle, left, hands the recycling report to Coun. Josh Carey during the Monday, April 7, 2014 city council meeting.

It’s Bernd Staeben’s hope that people will form a connection or bond with the Pepsi Centre.

Part of forming that bond will involve the centre having a new name.

“I think the challenge would be to make sure that the naming rights of that facility touches as many people by the heartstrings as possible. Because that way then I think you‘ll get that connection ... that bond that we’re looking for,” said Staeben following Monday night’s public Corner Brook city council meeting.

During the meeting, Staeben, the city’s deputy mayor, updated council on the transfer governance of the centre from Memorial University of Newfoundland to the city.

He said the working group on the transfer — consisting of himself, Mayor Charles Pender and Dale Park, director of corporate services for the city, Mary Bluechardt, vice-president of Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Gary Bradshaw, Grenfell’s associate vice-president (administration and finance), for Memorial — met on April 3 and decided to seek public input into the future naming of the facility.

Staeben said the naming rights contract with Browning Harvey has expired and at this point the city has not entered into a new contract for naming rights.

After the meeting he said there were no other offers received to a request for proposals on naming rights.

As for what a name for the centre should represent, Staeben said it has to be long lasting.

“I think we want to try to get some credibility back into the process, to the activities in the building and to make things happen,” he said. “And the only way you can do that is by having an attachment, whether it’s by naming rights or an emotional attachment to it.

“But as long as there’s an attachment, I think that’s what we’re looking for,” he said.

“At the end of the day, I can honestly say we’d like to have as many people using that facility that we can drag into the front door and that will solve a lot of problems,” said Staeben.

He said that’s why the city is looking at all options for use of the facility from doctors clinics to a daycare, to a restaurant and a hockey team.

“Anything there that can generate traffic.”

To suggest a name for the facility email or mail submissions to City of Corner Brook, P.O. Box 1080, Corner Brook, NL A2H 6E1.

Suggestions will be accepted until the end of the business day on April 25 and Staeben expects a decision on the name will be made in May.

Meanwhile, Staeben said the working group has also begun looking at existing agreements and are waiting for a consultants report on the building.

The transfer of governance is tentatively set for between July 31 and Aug. 31.

Organizations: Memorial University of Newfoundland, Pepsi Centre.Part

Geographic location: Dale Park, Corner Brook

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Recent comments

  • rentalguy
    April 08, 2014 - 17:40

    it should be named after the man who got the ball rolling on the facility for the winter games Mr.Wayne Trask

  • stephanie
    April 08, 2014 - 17:15

    call it The Nancy Shanawdithit Building.

  • SayWhat
    April 08, 2014 - 15:31

    To Henry, first of all promoters have booked concerts for your backstabbing little hovel and more often than not are cancelled because of a lack of ticket sales. Did I not read less than 200 tickets sold for Lightfoot. As for a major tennant, memory serves there was an attempt to get a major junior team but it did not go accord to plan. And by the way, whose going to move a Q team worth in excess of six millions dollars to that dump. Sure it does not even meet the minimum seating requirements for any league based on the mainland. As for Senior Hockey, Corner Brook residents only showed up for Deer Lake games and if it was not for the Deer Lake fans, one shudders how bad the Royals would have been financially. As for the soon to be can't sell the same centre. these facilities are suppose to be a reflection of the community. Can't sell the name to the second largest arena in the province is an embarrassment for the council of that back stabbing little hovel. And that council got what it deserved.

  • cmac
    April 08, 2014 - 13:59

    The way this city is run with all its dinosaurs in power chances are they will pick some name submitted by someone around their ages that only really means anything to the older senior crowd..I'll be named after some ww2 soilder or some old politician or some senior who donated a bench or something at some point ,I guarantee it.

  • Henry
    April 08, 2014 - 09:22

    I assume the public suggesting names for this facility means that their will not be any generation of revenues to pay for operating costs by having public name this commercial asset. Another give away I suspect. Bern Staben got it all wrong, first you have to make this center commercially viable  then you can sell the rights to name this facility.  Its got nothing to do with heart strings or bonds with this building Mr. Staben, the building is not living up to expectations as promised many years ago when it was envisioned Where is the hockey? Where are the many concerts promised? What genuinely is the public interest in this building? I don't think its in a name who cares! More smoke and mirrors by city hall....

  • Jack
    April 08, 2014 - 06:28

    As long as the Pepsi Centre is not named after a former politician like other schools, athletic facilities, and government buildings in the Corner Brook area, that will be great. With Corner Brook about to host the 2016 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games, the Pepsi Centre should be named after a well known Special Olympian in the Corner Brook, Humber Valley, and Bay of Islands area. One good name should be "John 'Jackie' Barrett Centre", named after a Corner Brook area Special Olympics Powerlifter whom won three gold medals, one silver medal, and set a Special Olympics World Squat Record at the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens. This event was his third world games appearance. Renaming the Pepsi Centre as "John 'Jackie' Barrett Centre" will be a great way to promote the city ahead of the 2016 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games.