Residents of Killick Place want their road fixed this year

Gary Kean
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Boyd Wells gets a little nervous every time he drives onto his road and backs up into his driveway.

It’s not that Wells isn’t a confident driver.

It’s just that the declining state of Killick Place these days has him, and his neighbours, worried.

The short hill that greets drivers and pedestrians as they enter the road in the Curling area is riddled with sinkholes. There are around 10 areas where the gravel road has sunken down within the short distance it takes to pass the first few houses.

Wells has lived on Killick Place all his life and said this has been a problem for the past 10 years or so. He has had enough of complaining about it to the City of Corner Brook and wants the municipality to fix up Killick Place properly.

“The city is saying if the road gives out, it’s an act of God,” said Wells. “To me, it’s called neglect, not an act of God.”

One of the largest sinkholes is right in front of Wells’ house.

“I was backing into my driveway the other day and I felt the truck go down a little bit,” he said.”I got out to see and it was the road giving out beneath my truck.”

At the top of the hill, there are two holes near a utility pole, which Wells said cannot be good for that structure’s stability. At the bottom of the hill, Wells said the culvert that runs beneath the road is in rough shape and could cause property flooding if there is a heavy rainfall it can’t handle.

Killick Place is near Sacred Heart Elementary. Wells said kids often walk by the area to and from school and the road is a hazard to them.

“Something has got to be done with this road this year,” said Wells.

The various sinkholes along the deteriorating road have been marked off by the City of Corner Brook with public works barriers, posts and pylons.

Mike Dolter, the city’s chief administration officer, said the city is aware of the problems with Killick Place and is in the process of looking into how it can be fixed. He said the culvert beneath the street has been compromised.

“We still need our engineers to take a look at it and get back to us before we can figure out where it is on our priority list,” said Dolter.

The large hole in front of Wells’ house has a wooden pallet with a post on it. He said it’s no trouble to tell how deep the hole goes into the ground below.

“You don’t need an engineer to see this road needs to be fixed up,” said Wells. “If this was up on Elswick Road or Cobb Lane, it would have been fixed long ago. This is another example of the Curling area being neglected by the City of Corner Brook.”

Geographic location: Killick Place, Corner Brook, Curling Elswick Road

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