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A local man called wondering if we’ve heard of anyone getting duplicate telephone bills in January.

“My bill from January was a photocopy of the bill from December,” he said, “and it even asked me to pay before Dec. 27. He said he called his friends to see if they experienced the same thing, and, sure enough, they did.”

He says he called the provider and was told there was a glitch in the system.



Flooded with complaints

A caller says the silt which has been blamed for the flooding in Corner Brook Stream during the recent flooding has its roots far away by distance and time.

He says development in the city since the 1970s has removed much of the ground cover on the hills in the Elizabeth Street and Sunnyslope areas of the city and replaced it with paved streets and driveways.

“There was no foresight by the city as they forced more and more water into fewer and fewer brooks that make their way to Corner Brook Stream and then on to the Bay of Islands,” he said.

“That’s were this problem is coming from now.”



Fonts and phonebooks

A woman called this week to complain about the size of the type in the new telephone directory.

“It’s so small I had to search out a magnifying glass to read it. Finally, I tossed the new book and kept the old one.

“What are they doing?” she asked.

“Are they trying to save money by making it smaller?”

Geographic location: Elizabeth Street, Sunnyslope, Bay of Islands

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