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A driver says he watched a man scooping snow from his driveway this weekend and piling it high over a nearby fire hydrant.

“He was dumping scoop full after scoop full of snow over something that might save his life if his house caught on fire,” said the man.

“I noticed the area again a day later and you couldn’t see any part of the hydrant ... except a steel mast sticking out.”


A reader says he thought it a little odd that schools would be closed Friday because of the weather, and yet, one school parking lot was full of vehicles all weekend as the nasty weather continued.

“Surely, cancelling some weekend event would have been prudent after cancelling classes in similar weather conditions,” he said.


One reader says he figures he could tell it’s the middle of February in Corner Brook even if he didn’t have a calendar. “City tractors have been out during the past week clearing sidewalks all over the place, same as every year just before carnival.

They pushed the snow so far back on Cpl. Pinksen Memorial Drive near Corner Brook Regional high soccer pitch, it looked like the road was four lanes wide.

“Too bad it’s not a chore that doesn’t go on all winter,” he said.


A woman called about her experience with the city-owned garbage container in front of The Western Star building on West Street in Corner Brook a while back.

“It’s spilling over and I leaned in to throw something into it and looking back at me were a couple of beady eyes,” she claims.

Geographic location: Corner Brook, Western Star, West Street

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