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It’s understandable that a representative from a Gros Morne community would be a little put off when he hears a suggestion that his town could be cut off from depositing garbage at a designated landfill site for what amounts to a lack of payment.

It’s also understandable that communication issues happen, invoices aren’t sent and misunderstandings occur. What’s not understandable is that these issues pop up now and then, with seemingly no answers.

Ask people in municipal positions in any town and they’ll tell you that there is something about the province’s waste management program that they not only do not understand.

Whether they are getting the information and not reading it or not being provided with it seems to depend on who you talk to, but the bottom line here is that somebody should know enough to not cause a panic in smaller areas by now.

Misunderstandings aren’t just comedic fodder for 1970s television shows; they cause problems that pit town versus town. How long will it be before a town simply refuses to take part either because it hasn’t been given information or its leadrs haven’t read it? Once one goes, most likely all will and then where will we be?

Once and for all, we need to get this worked out. If information isn’t presented, we need to start asking for it, and if we already have it, start reading.

The environmental future of this province depends on it.

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  • david
    December 09, 2013 - 21:38

    Waste management. We've been here 500 years, and we're just starting to think about this now. And failing miserably. Fin.