Barry known for telling it like he sees it

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It appears that by Wednesday afternoon, the provincial PC leadership race will have its first official candidate. Bill Barry, a Corner Brook-based businessman, has a press conference scheduled and he’s expected to announce his intention to run to replace the just resigned Kathy Dunderdale.

Barry is known all over the province through his involvement with the fishery, and that can be either an advantage or a disadvantage.

He is a polarizing figure in the province as can be seen by some of the online comments about the possibility of him running to become premier.

Some commenters feel he would come to the job with an outsider’s view of this province’s problems and would shake up the political landscape.

Others, some of whom claim to be former workers, warn that Barry has proven by his actions in the past that he isn’t a friend of the common person, and would lead this province down a path we would not want to go.

There is no debating that Barry tells things like it is ... or as Bill Barry thinks it is at least.

He is never at a loss for words, nor does he avoid offering an inflammatory opinion about how this province is being run or should be run.

Barry is also a neophyte at the political game and that too can be either an advantage or a curse.

Diplomacy may not be his strong suit, and politicians build their careers on being able to skirt tough questions and troublesome issues.

One thing is for certain — if Bill Barry is a candidate, this won’t be a boring race.

He will have his say and that will be a good thing for voters, but maybe not his opponents — or the party.

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Recent comments

  • mainlander
    January 28, 2014 - 08:50

    Should be interesting to see if the PC Party will allow this political outsider to leap-frog over all the proven elected members and grab power. I suppose he will be willing to do his job without remuneration. Oh Robin Hood where art thou!