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As time ticks away, more and more of those considered to be potential candidates for the leadership of the provincial PC party are deciding not to enter the race.

So far, only Corner Brook businessman Bill Barry has officially announced his intentions to seek the job and is actively campaigning.

Other, more familiar political personalities, have dropped out or are putting off a decision.

It must be a tough choice.

It’s expensive to run a leadership campaign and there is no guarantee of victory.

Even if a candidate is chosen leader and thereby premier, he or she will only have a year to turn the party’s fortunes around before going to the polls.

The PCs under Kathy Dunderdale have squandered much of the support they had in the last general election that saw the party win a solid majority.

Polls since then have indicated that voters have lost faith in the party and the former premier. Dunderdale took the hint and resigned, but the drag on the party remains.

The resurgent Liberals have been gaining members through defections from other parties and have a solid lead in the polling numbers.

No PC leadership candidate wants to get into this race to lose and that must be making the decision to run difficult.

There is little doubt Barry will have to face some opposition in his attempt to become leader but he already has the advantage of getting an early start, and maybe more importantly, he has no connection with the Dunderdale administration that has fallen so far out of favour with voters and party members alike.

The last thing the provincial Tories need now is another coronation without a real race for the top job.

Geographic location: Corner Brook

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