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So you’re sick to death of wind and snow. Your back is aching, your shovel is showing signs of fatigue and your snowblower is balking at starting for the umpteenth time.

Well, a reprieve is at hand.

This is carnival time in this part of the province.

Some celebrations of winter have already begun and others are just around the corner.

They are no substitute for spring but these fun events can keep you going until the sun and warm temperatures do their annual work.

Most communities have some version of a winter carnival and it’s up to all of us to take advantage of the fun.

Organizers have been working for months arranging all manner of activities to take the edge off the long winter in this province.

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And this winter has been a doozie.

Like winters of yore, snow began to fly in November and it hasn’t let up since.

Just this week we have been treated to two near blizzards ... and there is another one being predicted for the next day or two.

But don’t give in completely to the negative side of the cold season.

Get out and take in some carnival events in your community. Winter isn’t about to disappear any time soon so we might as well find some enjoyment in all this snow and cold.

The people who invest their time in planning these events don’t ask for money for all the work they invest.

All they want is to see every event packed with participants having a ball.

That’s the only reward they seek.

So poke winter in the eye and embrace it because it’s not going anywhere for a few weeks yet.

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