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The provincial budget will be read in the House of Assembly next week. Much of the document has been prepared by Finance Minister Charlene Johnson who was handed the job after then minister Tom Marshall was punted into the job as premier with the resignation of Kathy Dunderdale.

As always, the contents of the budget are mostly secret — except for the details the government wants to become public — but one thing is for certain, it won’t be as contentious as Budget 2013.

That document included layoffs of hundreds of government workers, program cuts and other money-saving manoeuvers.

The ruling Tories did save some money but they paid dearly for their ill-conceived frugalness. Taxpayers were riled by the fallout from the cuts and recoiled when those civil servants losing their jobs told their sad stories to the province’s news media.

Many of those losing their jobs were young, with young families, in debt with mortgages and other investments we can all relate to.

Public protests and marches kept the issue in front of voters well into the summer.

That won’t happen this spring, it’s almost certain.

The Tories are heading into a leadership race in July that will spur a general election by at the latest July 2015.

Many think, with good reason, it will be as early as this fall as the new premier tries to paper over past failings and puts his own stamp on the PC party. The contents of this budget won’t be directed by the next premier but it will have a big impact on him when he starts looking for votes in an attempt to stay in power.

The issue of cutting costs won’t occupy much time budget day, even if it should.

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  • I had enought!!!!!!
    March 22, 2014 - 11:11

    The Progressive Conservatives can paper over what they want but I still remember the legislation keeping information from the public to hide Muskrat Falls details and other matters.This project will cripple electrical rate payers at a time when they cannot afford to pay high elect. bills already not to mention the huge debt placed on ordinary Newfoundlanders for generations. The Progressive Conservatives were responsible under Tom Marshall for the provincial debt mess which ultimately caused the draconian 2013 budget which laid off thousands of young persons with families and cut the needed services to ordinary Newfoundlanders when they needed it most. Kathy Dunderdale was one of the worst Premiers in our history and even her own party wanted distance from her by letting her go. Also take a look at the poor leadership when Newfoundlanders were literally left in the dark when electrical blackouts occured. They told you it was not a crisis. What do you think? Is this the type of leadership you want? The current leader and Premier Tom Marshall now want us to believe that now they gave finally heard the people and have reinvented themselves with complete openness and sentivity. Of course the budget next week will reflect this message and bring good news of future expectations. The Progressive Conservatives have their backs on the wall. Premier Marshall will not be around for the next election and PC's are faced with defeat in the upcoming election, they will say and do anything to get your vote. Do not dance with the devil. The voting public who do not tow the PC line must decide once and for all if this type of unfeeling, incentive government is relavent. Its our turn now. Turn the tide...