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This week we mark the 65th anniversary of Newfoundland — it was called Newfoundland then — officially joining Canada as its 10th province.

There is some dispute over when the document was officially signed. Some claim it was April 1, but our first premier Joey Smallwood claimed it was on March 31 — and he was there.

Regardless, in hindsight few could argue it turned out to be the right choice for the people of this province.

In recent years it’s been revealed that the fix was in between Canada and Great Britain to assure that the vote went the way they thought is should. Looking around us now, they were profound in their assessment.

There are still some in this province who cling to the outdated idea that we could have made it on our own as a separate country. Still others pop up every now and then with a campaign to have this province separate and go it alone again.

Those are just pipedreams coming from those who view the situation with their hearts, not their heads.

We are part of the best country in the world by most measures and most of us know and appreciate it.

Besides that, the majority of us today are Canadian born and know nothing first-hand about what life was like as a colony of Great Britain and not a province of Canada.

We often gripe and grumble about how were are perceived and treated in this Confederation, but when the pros and cons are tallied, we are far better off thanks to the choice our forebears made to trade in being citizens of a tiny and struggling country to become part of the rich Canadian Confederation.

This is a week to celebrate that we live in Newfoundland and Labrador — an important part of the great Dominion of Canada.

Geographic location: Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, Great Britain

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