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One of the politicians we pay handsomely to represent this province on the national scene had a weak moment of stating the obvious this week.

Senator Fabian Manning said this province is still paying the price for the ABC campaign where former premier Danny Williams asked voters in this province not to send any Conservative politicians to Ottawa as a protest about the way we were being treated by Stephen Harper and his government.

Manning, a Tory and a loser on the federal scene, was twice appointed to the senate by Harper as a reward for representing the Conservatives in that election.

This week, he went on to say that many in power in Ottawa consider Canada ends at the Quebec border.

We don’t know about the other provinces out here in the east, but many in the province figured we already knew that and its ineffective and lightweight representatives like Fabian Manning are the reason we are marginalized and forgotten. They sit on their fat seats in the Red Chamber and do nothing to earn their inflated salary except doze off and submit travel claims.

Manning may have forgotten it but he was appointed a senator to work for the betterment of this province and its people.

Instead of spouting off that he observed his Conservative pals in Ottawa can’t get beyond their petty grudges, he should be earning the money we pay him by representing this province and demanding a fair shake.

And furthermore, in case the federal Conservatives missed the memo, they were elected to represent all Canadians, not just those who voted for them and think they can do no wrong.

Politicians like Manning and his ilk can’t say they didn’t earn the sad reputation they have with Canadians.

Organizations: Conservatives, Tory, Red Chamber

Geographic location: Ottawa, Canada, Quebec

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Recent comments

  • lonewolf
    May 19, 2014 - 01:19

    Here we go again, vote out the PC's and in with the Liberals, and the difference is???

    • Henry
      May 20, 2014 - 08:36

      Lonewolf. Mr. Harper is changing Canada in a radical way with his political agenda. I do not recogonize my country and its traditional customary values anymore... Values the world respected in the past. That is why he has to be removed from office....

  • Mark
    May 18, 2014 - 14:48

    Harper is a globally recognized as a dangerously corrupt political leader and is universally condemned by the global community. Harper uses extortion, threats and bribes to peddle his dirtiest oil on earth tar sands..which has devastated once pristine Alberta ecosystems and wilderness and their native inhabitants..along with many other of his cronies' projects which harm environments worldwide. He has sabotaged climate talks, he blocks laws for animal cruelty and endangered species protection, he promotes horrific wildlife massacre bloodbaths, such as the harp seal pup bloodbaths (ignoring the entire world which has banned and boycotted Canada for that atrocity) and many other less publicized ones like elk massacres and endangered polar bear trophy hunts. he indulges in massive land and air pollution across Canada and clearcutting of old growth. Along with his crushing of laws upholding human rights, and his arms peddlng and warmongering, Harper has shown he's simply a threat to the public and must be removed from public office.

  • Wilf Jaschinski
    May 18, 2014 - 08:31

    They're all the same, regardless of political stripe. Once they've been elected or appointed to their turn at the trough, they forget the voters who put them there.

  • Henry
    May 17, 2014 - 08:12

    It will all balance out with the next Federal election next year. The progressive conservatives will be tossed out of power finally. The Harper years have to end. The country is not the same Canada that I love under this man. I also believe that progressive conservatives sh be voted out also in nf and lab, they have been around to long and have to much baggage....