Why are moose moving in?

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There were three moose-vehicle accidents in and around St. John’s on Wednesday.  Those incidents follow a crash last weekend on the west coast which left the driver dead and a passenger injured. Also, for the last couple of weeks, moose have been seen in neighbourhoods all over Corner Brook and one was killed on the Lewin Parkway when hit by a vehicle.

This is happening in the middle of an attempt by the provincial government to cut the number of moose-vehicle accidents by reducing the number of animals through an increase in the number of hunting licences.

Why this is all happening now is anyone’s guess. Maybe some animal experts have a theory, but they aren’t offering one.

It isn’t unusual for animals to begin encroaching on towns and cities that are expanding into their territory. It’s a problem all over North America.

That surely isn’t the case in Corner Brook.

The city’s footprint has expanded little in the last couple of decades and these city-dwelling moose aren’t strapped for wilderness areas in which to roam without being hassled.

They aren’t here for an easy lunch left over from human inhabitants either. Moose don’t forage from garbage like bears or coyotes, but here they are, trotting around the city for week’s on end.

They don’t want to go away. So what is the allure?

It’s time the officials responsible began to delve into why the moose are moving to the city when they have so much easily accessible, unspoiled territory just down the road.

This isn’t safe for the moose and it sure isn’t good for residents and drivers.

Geographic location: Corner Brook, Lewin Parkway, North America.That

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Recent comments

  • hunter
    June 20, 2014 - 03:24

    It could be the coyotes, wolves or cougars now living in NL may be driving them into the communities. Just a thought.

  • good plan
    June 19, 2014 - 18:18

    " increase in the number of hunting licences." good plan! I'd like a few moose in mainland NS to breed, say in the Annapolis Valley (Cloud Lake Wilderness Area for example). So much meat! One of these fellows can feed multiple families.