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It’s almost too much to fathom but children of all ages and from all over the province will be heading back to class this week. The summer vacation has all too quickly passed by and now it’s time to refocus on learning and studying.

The arrival of the September march to school is also a time we always offer a warning to parents, children and drivers alike.

As schools open, children will be anxious to get to see their friends and new teachers.

They will be on the go in great numbers at predictable hours of the day and that means they will be crossing streets and dodging traffic.

The first line of defence are parents.

They should by now have reminded those students about the rules of the road they are expected to follow to keep themselves safe.

Children being children, though, often forget about the dangers involved getting to and from school.

That’s where drivers come in.

They have to be extra diligent when school is out and children of all ages are out and about.

They’re young and full of energy and sometimes forget where they are and how they should be behaving.

School zones are also in effect, but drivers should be slowing down even when the law doesn’t dictate a lower speed.

Drivers have also to be aware that school buses are back picking up and dropping off students and the law about warning lights must be followed to the letter.

With help from everyone this school year will be one of happiness and not spoiled by a tragedy that could have been avoided with a little care and caution.

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