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Results of the survey

Many minor hockey associations have experienced a dip in registration numbers. What do you believe is the main cause of this trend?

  • 80% Too expensive
  • 8% Too dangerous
  • 6% Too many other sports options
  • 4% Other

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Do you think the provincial government will make further cuts to library services in its upcoming budget?


Would you attempt to apprehend a robber, as four young men in Stephenville Crossing did over the weekend, if there was no weapon visible?


Do you agree with Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador CEO Craig Pollett’s opinion that regionalizing services would help save small towns in the province that might not otherwise survive?


Do you think Fisheries and Oceans Canada is hiding seal hunt details from 2014 to keep information that may be harmful to the commercial fisheries a secret?


Do you think the Town of Stephenville should approve a local couple’s permit application to build a home on their family land without being connected to the town’s water and sewer system?

Recent survey

Did you take in any of the Corner Brook Rotary Music Festival over the past several days?

  • 13% Yes
  • 87% No

Local businessman Joe Dicks is once again suggesting the time is right to sell some of the accommodations components at Marble Mountain. Do you think now is the time to privatize the accommodations?

  • 63% Yes
  • 25% No
  • 12% Undecided

Do you think there should be restrictions in place at border crossings for personal items like seal skin into the United States?

  • 25% Yes
  • 71% No
  • 4% Undecided

What would you like to see the former post office building in Corner Brook become?

  • 45% Restaurant
  • 24% Retail outlet
  • 13% Office space
  • 18% Other

Liberal MP Gerry Byrne says most of the province’s $110-million loan to Corner Brook Pulp and Paper should have been invested in the mill’s capital projects rather than buying out its debt. Do you think the mill should have invested in more capital improvements?

  • 78% Yes
  • 22% No

Do you think Avalon MP Scott Andrews will run as an independent in the next federal election after being turfed from the Liberal caucus over sexual misconduct allegations?

  • 17% Yes
  • 83% No

Do you think extended cell phone coverage along the Burgeo Highway would help in cases of motorists getting stranded during storms or other adverse conditions?

  • 78% Yes
  • 15% No
  • 7% Depends how much it costs

Corner Brook council tabled a motion Monday to approve funding to service the property that would be home to the city’s first Habitat for Humanity build in order to find an alternative funding source. Do you think the city should fund the water and sewer for the property?

  • 73% Yes
  • 27% No

The City of Corner Brook has spent about $230,000 more on snow clearing so far in 2015 than it did by this time last year, but there is a $200,000 contingency fund available. Do you think the city will have to go into its contingency fund for snow clearing this year?

  • 65% Yes
  • 5% No
  • 30% Can't predict the weather!

Will you download the Corner Brook Stream Trail smartphone app that is currently being developed and should be available by this summer?

  • 46% Yes
  • 54% No