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Results of the survey

Do you think Kathy Dunderdale is making a good decision in stepping down as premier of Newfoundland and Labrador on Friday?

  • 82% Yes
  • 14% No
  • 3% Undecided

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Do you think the current condition of White’s Road and the Hansen Highway is a safety concern?


Statistics from the City of Corner Brook’s speed indicator signs show that only a small number of vehicles on Elswick Road exceeded the posted speed limit. Do you think drivers were slowing down because of the signs, or were the street’s residents exaggerating about the speeding?


Should those who consume alcohol in public spaces like beaches during Canada Day celebrations be fined?


Do you think the City of Corner Brook should revisit a plan to prohibit on-street parking along West Street while storm sewer upgrades are carried out in the area?

Recent survey

What do you plan to do for Canada Day?

  • 10% Camping/cabin
  • 18% Attend public festivities
  • 46% Relax at home
  • 26% I have to work

Did you attend the Humber Expo Trade Show over the weekend?

  • 5% Yes
  • 44% No
  • 51% Didn't know it was happening

A bomb threat shut down St. John’s International Airport for several hours Thursday night. Do you feel less safe travelling by airplane because of the threat?

  • 42% Yes
  • 50% No
  • 8% I don't fly

Now that the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary has called in the Ontario Provincial Police to conduct an investigation into the Sean Kelly case, has your trust level in the RNC increased?

  • 14% Yes
  • 72% No
  • 14% Undecided

Should Correctional Service Canada be less strict with information it divulges to the families of inmates who die while in custody?

  • 77% Yes
  • 18% No
  • 5% Undecided

Are you happy to see a Winners store is coming to Corner Brook in 2016?

  • 71% Yes
  • 15% No
  • 14% I'll shop there, but I'd prefer another store

Why do you think western Newfoundland pools are having such difficulty recruiting lifeguards?

  • 3% Age restrictions requiring them to be 17, even though they're trained at 16
  • 6% Declining college enrolment in some areas
  • 8% High cost to get certified
  • 60% All of the above
  • 23% Not sure/other

Did you attend National Aboriginal Day festivities at Margaret Bowater Park on Sunday?

  • 26% Yes
  • 56% No
  • 18% I'm not aboriginal

The mayors and councillors in Paradise are receiving a 26 per cent increase in their stipends this year because the increases are tied a percentage of budgeted town revenue. Do you think this is a good way to calculate municipal raises?

  • 5% Yes
  • 88% No
  • 7% Undecided

Do you plan on attending any of the 20th anniversary Gros Morne Theatre Festival performances this year?

  • 30% Yes
  • 60% No
  • 10% Undecided