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Results of the survey

Did you head to Gros Morne National Park this past weekend and take in any of the Trails, Tales and Tunes Festival?

  • 15% Yes
  • 82% No
  • 2% Not yet, but will be going this week.

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Montreal’s city council voted in favour of a bylaw Tuesday to ban new pit bulls and other “dangerous breeds” from living within city limits, as well as enforcing strict regulations on those already in the city. Do you agree with this so-called “breed-specific” legislation?


After some high-profile tampering cases in recent years, would you be concerned about eating potatoes from Prince Edward Island?


The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is asking government to be cautious in considering a province-wide ban on the use of plastic shopping bags. Do you think small businesses should keep plastic bags as an option for their customers?


Did you participate in any week of the McIvers Chase the Ace fundraiser?


Are you attending any of this weekend’s Atlanti-Con Science Fiction Festival events?

Recent survey

Although it won’t state the cost of the job, do you think Canada Post replacing locks on super mailboxes so they won’t freeze in the winter is a good move?

  • 60% Yes
  • 15% No
  • 25% Depends how much it costs

Overall, do you think the bomb threats that caused mass evacuations of schools and colleges around Atlantic Canada were handled well by police agencies?

  • 94% Yes
  • 6% No

Route 490 in western Newfoundland will be officially renamed Roxon Way, after Paralympic gold medalist and Kippens native Katarina Roxon. Do agree with this name change?

  • 75% Yes
  • 15% No
  • 10% I would suggest a different road

Now that it has officially re-opened, will you visit Bartlett’s Point Park in Corner Brook on a regular basis?

  • 48% Yes
  • 52% No

Did you participate in or donate money towards the Terry Fox Run on Sunday?

  • 5% Participated
  • 15% Donated
  • 0% Both
  • 80% Neither

With the World Cup of Hockey beginning over the weekend, do you think Team Canada can win it all?

  • 84% Yes
  • 16% No

Do you think there should be an inquiry into the shooting death of Donald Dunphy?

  • 57% Yes
  • 37% No
  • 6% Undecided

Do you agree with the Stephenville Gardens Commission’s decision to ban alcohol from dressing rooms at the Stephenville Dome?

  • 78% Yes
  • 22% No

Former MHA Ryan Cleary is officially trying to start his own breakaway fisheries union. Do you think the Fish, Food and Allied Workers union is out of touch with its members, as Cleary says?

  • 43% Yes
  • 21% No
  • 36% Not sure

Are you surprised Peter MacKay has decided not to seek the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada?

  • 17% Yes
  • 31% No
  • 52% Don't care