Garbage litter bugs

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With the snow gone its revealing piles of garbage in areas in and around the city and outside the area. Some photos from Mayfair Avenue and Lady Slipper Road. — Star photos by Geraldine Brophy

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Recent comments

  • John
    May 24, 2014 - 19:55

    Corner Brook residents may take heart from the fact that this is a world-wide problem. The confirmed litter bug is a special kind of human being who takes delight in secretively spoiling the environment - no matter how hard the municipal staff work to keep it clean. They know fully well that their act will cause pollution, and bring dis-repute to the city, but as long as the garbage is out of (their) sight, and no one catches them in the act of littering, they are happy. Its enough to make the rest of the residents cry out in exasperation... especially for a place as insanely beautiful as Corner Brook. Perhaps continual aggressive campaigning against it (like what the Western Star is already doing), and giving a fictitious, somewhat humiliating name and form to the potential litterbug, would bring greater public shame to the act. Perhaps that'd make them a little less brazen? At the same time, a greater emphasis on finding out (at an official level) if some residents are genuinely finding it difficult to dispose off a large amount of garbage. e.g. after a house renovation etc, be if for lack of designated space for it, or because its expensive in terms of municipal fees? I'm just shooting in the dark here, but approaching the problem both with firmness and greater insight may lead to some improvement in the long term, hopefully. Infinite patience is needed here :)