Sears outlet getting a refresh

Target to open late in the year

Diane Crocker
Published on January 16, 2013
The Zellers store in Corner Brook will soon be closing its doors.
Geraldine Brophy

CORNER BROOK — Shoppers at the Corner Brook Plaza will see a few changes over the next year as one department store undergoes some renovations, another moves out and a new one moves in.

“Corner Brook is on our list of stores this year’s that’s getting a bit of a refresh,” said Sears Canada spokesperson Vincent Power, who added the company has been looking at markets like Corner Brook and recognizes it’s time for some changes.

“Over the years we’ve kind of like, I would say, lost our way a little bit.”

Power said, in a market like Corner Brook, Sears is the department store that is able to be a bit different.

He said the plan is to have the refresh at the store completed just before or just after Easter. Changes in the store will come in four areas: paint, backwall graphics, fixtures and displays and product selection.

In terms of product enhancements, he said, customers can expect to see more selections in the mid to better range.

“We’ve got great basics and we can compete with anybody, but I think when people come to Sears in Corner Brook they’re looking for something a little bit special,” said Power.

While specific product offerings have yet to be determined, he said there will be no new departments added.

“If we try to fit in home decor we’re going to squeeze something and both are going to look terrible,” said Power. “So, we are restricted in space in some ways, but the departments we do have in Corner Brook are going to get really spruced up.”

Meanwhile, down at the other end of the mall the closeout of Zellers has begun to make way for Target.

The U.S.-based retailer is expanding into Canada and setting up shop in many of the spaces previously occupied by Zellers.

A spokesperson for Target said the Corner Brook store is set to open in late 2013.  

In an emailed response to questions on plans for Corner Brook, she said once the Zellers closeout is completed the store will undergo significant renovations over a six- to nine-month period, representing an investment of more than $10 million.

“Our goal is to bring the true Target experience when we open our doors and to do that we need to significantly renovate the site, inside and out,” said the spokesperson.

In terms of hiring, Target expects to employ between 150-200 team members per store. The spokesperson said the company will be providing Zellers employees with a guaranteed initial interview.

The Zellers store is scheduled to close on March 14.