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Question: How do you feel about Christmas parades being held in the night?


Cody Porter, Gillams

I think evenings would be better because it gives a good chance to show off all the Christmas lights and everything. Yes, it’s later in the evening so it probably makes it a little bit of inconvenience for the kids, but it’s a good show of all the lights and it makes the parade look better in my opinion.


Nathan Park, Lark Harbour

I have a preference for having the parade at night. It’s a lot better because you can see all the lights and that makes for a better parade.


Kurt Sheppard, Lark Harbour

I would rather see them hold the Christmas Parade at night. It just seems better with all the lights so it’s nice to see some places holding it at night.


April McLean, Corner Brook

I would rather have it during the daytime so you can see everything. I find it safer in the daytime where it’s not dark. I am still going to go though.


Patrick Gilbert, Lark Harbour

I think the daytime parade is nicer because everyone can see everything and lot less percentage of anyone getting hurt or accidents happening.


Jesse Gilbert, Lark Harbour

I like it in the nighttime. I find it nicer. Everything is lit up. But it doesn’t matter — people will still come out and watch it.


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