100-year-old says hes seen a lot of change

Katherine Hudson khudson@thewesternstar.com
Published on November 14, 2009
Doris Pearl Osmond and Hubert Osmond sit at Huberts 100th birthday celebration in Hampden on Friday. Star photo by Katherine Hudson

Hampden -

Happy birthday wishes permeated the church hall in Hampden on Friday.

Friends and family gathered together to celebrate Hubert Osmond's 100th birthday. The Hampden man sat in a big rocking chair being constantly hugged and kissed by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Osmond was born in 1909 and has seen two world wars, a man on the moon, electricity, television and computers all unfold before his eyes.

"I have seen a lot change," said Osmond. "Too many changes. Some good and some bad."
His wife, Doris, sat by his side and recounted how even the town of Hampden has changed dramatically over the years.

"There were no roads at one time," he said. "If you wanted to go to the Beaches, you walked along the shore. If you wanted to go to Hampden, you walked up on shore," she said.

Osmond's grandson, Jerry Martin, has recently been elected mayor of Hampden. His memories of his grandfather were largely of his father and Osmond in the woods working in the logging industry.

"Pop is part of the town's past and has been a part of the logging industry for years." he said.

Family from across Newfoundland and as far as Ontario and British Columbia have gathered to celebrate the patriarch of the Osmond family and his hundred years.

"Nice, isn't it? To have all your family around you. Having everyone here is good enough for me," he said.