Sheahan released on a recognizance that includes some house rules

Diane Crocker
Published on September 6, 2013
Paxton Sheahan is seen in provincial court in Corner Brook on Thursday.

Diane Crocker

CORNER BROOK  A young Corner Brook man will have to live not only by some court rules over the next while, he’ll also have to abide by some house rules.

Paxton Sheahan, 20, was released on Thursday after having spent nearly the past two weeks in custody following an incident at a Pratt Street home.

It is alleged that Sheahan broke into the home on Aug. 25 with an axe, assaulted an occupant and then set the victim’s car on fire.

In provincial court on Thursday, Crown attorney Ed Ring told Judge Wayne Gorman that the Crown was consenting to Sheahan’s release on a recognizance that included a personal surety.

Sheahan must also keep the peace and be of good behaviour, appear in court on Nov. 5 and thereafter as required, reside at a specified home in the city, notify the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary of any change in residence, not possess any weapons or ammunition, surrender any weapons and ammunition and licences he may have for them, not possess or consume alcohol, not possess, consume or traffic in any illegal drug, stay away from the home he is alleged to have broken into and the alleged victim and not leave his residence except to attend school, work, church or any medical or counselling appointments.

In addition to that Ring also asked the court to include a number of rules for abiding at the specified residence. Sheahan must attend the Humberwood Centre for assessment and any recommended treatment and also attend all medical appointments, he also must attend school, not possess or consume alcohol, move his bedroom from the basement of the house to upstairs, and any damage performed by him to the residence will be reported to police.

When asked by the judge if he could abide by the court and house rules Sheahan said “I guess so.”

Sheahan is facing charges of break and entry, common assault, uttering threats, arson, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose and breach of a court order as a result of the incident. He also has other outstanding charges before the courts, including robbery and assault. The judge also removed previous recognizances that had been in place and endorsed the one issued during the appearance to cover all of Sheahan’s outstanding matters.