Man gets 60 days in jail for contacting his ex

TC Media
Published on January 16, 2014

CORNER BROOK — Judge Wayne Gorman sentenced a local man to 60 days in jail in provincial court in Corner Brook on Tuesday for offences related to harassing his ex-partner.

Steven Michael Sheppard, 46, was found guilty of one charge of breach of an undertaking and five counts of breach of a recognizance on Jan. 10.

In his written decision, released Tuesday, Gorman said Sheppard was unwilling to accept the breakup of the relationship with his ex-partner in August 2012 and shortly after started to “bother” her.

The woman applied to the court to have a recognizance issued requiring Sheppard to have no contact with her. That was granted in October 2012.

However, in his decision Gorman said, “Mr. Sheppard ignored this order, in part, because it was issued by a ‘female judge.’”

Following his arrest for breaching that recognizance Sheppard was released on an undertaking that included the conditions he abstain from communicating with his ex-partner.

He again ignored the order. As a result he was charged with five counts of failure to comply with a recognizance.

In terms of sentencing, the Crown suggested 60 days in jail, followed by 12 months probation.

Sheppard sought a non-custodial sentence.

“Considering the number of breaches of court orders involved here and the need to stress the sentencing principles of general deterrence and denunciation, I have concluded that the imposition of a non-custodial sentence is not a reasonable alternative,” said Gorman in his decision. “I have concluded that a period of imprisonment is required.”

Gorman sentenced Sheppard to 60 days on each count to be served on a concurrent basis.

He also sentenced Sheppard to two years probation to begin after completion of his imprisonment.