Corner Brook environmentalist looking for more complete presentation on fracking

Cory Hurley
Published on January 31, 2014
Simon Jansen is the chair of the Western Environment Centre.
Geraldine Brophy

CORNER BROOK  Local environmentalist Simon Jansen says Thursday evening’s Harris Centre presentation on fracking left room for more information from experts from a number of fields.

The chair of the Western Environment Centre hopes the regional policy and development organization through Memorial University of Newfoundland will follow up with another, or more, presentations related to the controversial mining method of hydraulic fracturing.

He said “Memorial Presents: The Facts about Fracking, An Engineering Perspective” was well put together from a standpoint of presenting technical facts.

While Lesley James — an assistant professor in the faculty of engineering and applied science at Memorial University, stuck strictly to that technical side — according to Jansen, Maurice Dusseault — a professor of earth and environmental sciences at the University of Waterloo — did not.

Jansen said Dusseault ventured into the risks of non-fracking, which the environmentalist considers a “scare tactic.”

He also said the presentation was lacking of technical information on the chemicals used within the fluids and such things as the waste water that is left after the process.

He said the presentation should be followed with another session with experts in the fields of health, geology, social/environmental and economy.

“All of these are things we need to take into consideration when making this choice,” Jansen said.