Wild Cove moving to electronic-card system Monday

Cory Hurley cory.hurley@tc.tc
Published on April 30, 2014

Everybody who brings waste to the Wild Cove landfill site will now start paying equally, says chair Don Downer.

Starting Monday, an electronic (RFID) card will be required to pay for garbage disposal at the landfill station on the north shore of the Bay of Islands.

Domestic users can acquire the card at the dump site, which will have a $10 start-up amount already on the card at no cost. The card can also be obtained at the Western Regional Waste Management office or by telephone or email.

Commercial users, including municipalities, cannot obtain a card at the site nor will the $10 start-up be included. They will have to complete an application — again which can be obtained at the office or by email and telephone — and be entered into a computer system before the cards are issued. The cards must be picked up before any waste is accepted at the dump.

The St. George’s waste disposal site will also move to this process in the near future, said Downer.

“This will be the first time people will be charged with bringing waste to the Wild Cove site to dump into the receptacles over there,” he said.

People will be charged at a base rate of $40.12 — which translates into roughly $10 per half-tonne pickup truck’s partial load, said Downer. A chesterfield of about 100 pounds would cost about $1.80, he said. When a truck goes into the site, it will get weighed, drop off the waste, get weighed again, and pay the pertinent cost.

There has already been a lot of concern about increased illegal dumping as a result. Downer said the central region is using the same system and is reporting there was not a substantial increase in illegal dumping.

“I would be a bit naive if I didn’t think some people would react negatively and there might be a slight bump up,” he said. “Whether it is sustained or not, I couldn’t say.”

Downer said the system eliminates small business owners from claiming waste as personal. He said it also gets people used to separating recyclable materials.

“We do not want any recyclable materials going to central,” he said.

He encourages people to separate recyclables and materials such as metals — which can be dropped off at Wild Cove for no charge — wood, and household hazardous wastes.

More information can be obtained by contacting the office at 19-21 West Street in Corner Brook, calling 632-2922 or email info@wrwm.ca.

Note: An earlier version of this story stated the eastern region is using the same system as the one being introduced to Wild Cove. The story should have read that the central region is using the same system. The Star apologizes for any confusion this may have caused.