Explore Gros Morne’s Trout River campground, magazine says

Published on May 16, 2014

The Canadian outdoor adventure magazine Explore has ranked the Trout River campground in Gros Morne National Park 23rd best in Canada out of 25 for national and provincial parks.

The magazine praised the campground for its scenery and lakes. The article said it is: “One of the few places on the planet where Earth’s mantle is exposed,” and that, “from the campsites, you can see the orangey Tablelands rising above the other side of the water.”

The article states that things to do at the campground include hiking the brand new Overfalls Trail, hiking the Greens Gardens Trail, as well as the “short but steep” Lookout Trail.

It also praises Trout River Pond as “one of the best places in the park to launch a kayak.”

Explore Magazine’s top three campsites are all in British Columbia: Green Point Campground at Pacific Rim National Park, the main campground at Alice Lake Provincial Park and the Lake of the Woods Campground at Cathedral Provincial Park.