Arrest warrant issued for Julia Hussey

Cory Hurley
Published on May 22, 2014
Julia Hussey

A woman with a history of mental health issues and a propensity to get in trouble is now wanted for not showing up to her sentencing Thursday.

Last month, Julia Hussey, 32, pleaded guilty to 16 of 27 charges she is facing. The counts range from theft-related charges to public disturbances and mischief to as serious as defrauding a local bank. She accumulated the charges between July and October of last year.

Once in August and twice in September, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary had issued missing persons reports for Hussey. Each time she was located a short while later. On two of the occasions, it was said she was last seen near Western Memorial Regional Hospital. Police reported being concerned for her safety.

In provincial court Thursday, legal aid lawyer Gary Kearney was prepared to proceed with the sentencing hearing, but his client was not present. Judge Kymil Howe said the court received a letter from an adult court worker that Hussey had also not showed for an appointment to prepare the pre-sentence report.

After delaying the matter just shy of an hour to see if Hussey would show, Crown attorney Brenda Duffy requested, and was granted, an arrest warrant.