Former Presentation grad helping organize closing celebration

Diane Crocker
Published on May 29, 2014
Marina Clancey graduated from Presentation Central High School in Corner Brook in 1975, and is seen here in a classroom at the school on Thursday. The school is slated to close this year.
Star photo by Geraldine Brophy

Marina Clancey may not have been the most outgoing student in her high school, but she has many fond memories of the time she spent at Presentation Central High School in Corner Brook.

Back then Presentation was an all girls school. Later it would go co-ed, first as a high school, then as an elementary school and now is one of two junior highs in the city.

But that’s about to change as the school is slated to close this year and all the junior high students will be housed in a new junior high.

A closing celebration will be held at the school on May 29, starting at 7 p.m.

Clancey, who graduated in 1975, is helping to organize the event which will include a guest speaker and a performance of the school song by former students.

“It was fun with all girls,” she recently told The Western Star. “I wish it still was actually,” she added with a laugh.

“Girls, you’re not so much on your guard when you’re with a bunch of girls,” she said. “For me it’s just you’re more comfortable.

“You made some good friends and you still see them now,” she added. “It was just good school years. I enjoyed it.”

When Clancey attended Presentation its staff included nuns.

“You had to be on your best behaviour,” she said of the strict rules.

With her son Adam Clancey, 14, now a student at Presentation Junior High, Clancey has found herself drawn back to the school. She’s a member of the school council and regularly volunteers there.

“I think it’s just nice going into the school,” she said.

“I just wanted to be part of the school. I was the same way when he was in J.J. (Curling Elementary). You just had to be part of the school because it gives you an idea or an option of knowing (what’s happening there).

And the experience she’s having as a parent has helped dispel any reservation she had of her son attending there.

“It’s a really good school. You’ve got a fantastic staff up there.”

Even now when she goes to the school she often finds herself trying to remember what it was like when she went there.

Some things are the same, she said.

“The home ec room is still the home ec room, and the library is still the library.”

But other things are different, like the offices are now located where she took business education classes.

“There’s still some little differences, but it hasn’t changed a great big lot.”

Being a part of the school as a former student and a parent is why helping with the closing celebration is important to her.

“It will be nice to see what’s involved in the closing. Who comes to it.”