Humber Elementary students launch travel app for city

Diane Crocker
Published on May 31, 2014

 Looking for information about what to do in Corner Brook, where to eat or to find a place to get your hair cut?

Well thanks to some Grade 3, 5 and 6 students at Humber Elementary all that information, and much more, can be found in a convenient app.

The Humber Hold app was launched at the school on Friday and is the result of an iPad travel app project that teachers Terry Pike, Cathy Au and Michelle Flynn oversaw the creation of by 70 students at the school.

Pike, a Grade 6 teacher, said the project grew out of call issued by the Department of Innovation, Business and Rural Development in January 2013 for proposals from schools for projects that had to be tied to potential economic developments in the various school zones.

The school used the iPads and an app creation platform designed by Map2app to create Humber Hold.

At the time they started in September the school was the first group in North America using Map2app and now that they have published their app are the first group in Canada that has used the service.

Pike said while Map2app in Italy provided assistance on the project, the students did all the work.

“The kids did all the research, all the typing, they put in the pictures, they put in the audio clips, they made the audio clips — everything, everything, the children did it.”

Children Makayla Bugden, Grade 3, and Matthew MacKenzie, Grade 6, worked on it.

Bugden said the Grade 3s made the icons used in the app by drawing and colouring pictures. She designed the local media icon which features a question mark and one for schools.

MacKenzie said the Grade 6s edited the app and went out and took the pictures for the app using the iPads.

“It was pretty fun because we were in teams.”

He also thinks the app will be pretty useful.

“There’s a lot of attractions here in Corner Brook.”

Pike said she’s very proud of what the students have done and said it was a learning experience for all.

“The wonderful thing about using technology in learning environments is that we’re learners of all ages.”

Humber Hold app is already available for free on the school’s website,, for Android devices and there’s also an online version.

Apple users should be able to find it on the App Store soon.