Former Humber Road tenant takes landlord to court

Cory Hurley
Published on June 30, 2014
Paul Greene, with his cat Jack, is one of eight people displaced as tenants from 27 Humber Road in Corner Brook, which was suddenly shut down last Friday night because of safety concerns with the building's electrical system.
Star photo by Gary Kean

Paul Greene has taken his displacement from 27 Humber Road to court.

One of eight tenants of Janet Ma, the landlord who had to shut down due to unfit conditions, has taken her to small claims court in hopes of recovering $1,094.70 in lost personal property, rent paid, and damage deposit.

In provincial court in Corner Brook Monday, Ma told Judge Wayne Gorman she would not settle the claim. A trial is scheduled for Aug. 29. Ma, who has some trouble speaking and understanding English, wanted to speak or submit some information to the court, but was told that would be done at the trial.

All the people living in the building, plus Pho Vietnam restaurant, were given just two hours notice that the electrical service was being cut off Feb. 7. Electrical code violations and work completed by unqualified workers without permits were noted as reasons.

Having been evacuated, with rent paid, Greene says he went back to collect personal property and they had been tampered with or missing.

According to Greene’s statement of claim, by the time he returned to pick up his belongings they had been placed outside or missing. He is seeking $206.94 for new tires, $124.99 for a meat grinder-sausage maker, $88.07 for a tie rod end, $125 in rent money, and $450 for damage deposit. The claim also includes re-payment of court filing fee of $100.

The shut down of the building, and closure of Pho Vietnam, created a public stir in Corner Brook. The restaurant eventually re-opened in the Coleman’s building on Caribou Road in April.