Funding will help in rebuilding and expanding technical stops at airport

Frank Gale
Published on August 1, 2014

The Stephenville Airport Corporation wants to rebuild and expand the technical stops segment of their business.

That’s according to Brenda Martin, airport chief executive officer and manager, who said until recently Stephenville airport had fallen off the radar for such stops from both corporate and military traffic, which represents a significant portion of revenue for the corporation.

That’s why the Stephenville Airport Corporation is implementing a three-year strategic business plan, thanks in part to investments by the federal and provincial governments.

ACOA’s Business Development Program is contributing $49,500 to the project, while the government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s investment of $49,500 is provided through the Department of Innovation, Business and Rural Development.

The announcement of the funding was made Thursday by Rob Moore, Regional Minister for Newfoundland and Labrador and Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency), and Susan Sullivan, Minister of Innovation, Business and Rural Development.

Martin said such technical stops have the potential for growth and prosperity for both the airport and the region.

She said Stephenville Airport is uniquely positioned from a meteorological and geographic perspective with the infrastructure to service the international corporate and military carriers.

“This funding will facilitate us reaching out to present and prospective new customers through multi-media advertising and possible attendance at trade forums and conferences,” Martin said.

The money will also assist the airport corporation in benefitting from new industrial activities that are ramping up on the west and southwest coast, such as the Maritime Link transmission project and the several metal fabrication facilities.