Birchy Brook to get water connection with Flat Bay West

Gary Kean
Published on August 21, 2014
Harold Legge poses for a photo next to the water well in Birchy Brook, Flat Bay, that had to be abandoned due to it caving in.
Star photo by Frank Gale

The people who live in Birchy Brook are getting their wish and will be connected to the water well that services Flat Bay West a kilometre away.

That news was confirmed by Municipal and Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dan Crummell during provincial cabinet meetings in Corner Brook Thursday.

The 15 homes in Birchy Brook have been without water for the past couple of weeks. They had bought a new pump for the community well in Birchy Brook, but the well has caved in and it has become too difficult to draw water from.

Flat Bay West, which is administered by the same committee as Birchy Brook, was recently given $150,000 to upgrade its well. The residents of Birchy Brook want to connct to that well and met with Crummell earlier this week to see if additional funding could be provided to connect them to the water system in Flat Bay West.

Crummell said Thursday he has notifed the folks of Birchy Brook that a plan is in place to make the permanent connection they need. His department later confirmed that the cost of the project will be require another $125,000, to be cost-shared with the community paying 10 per cent and the province covering the remaining 90 per cent.

Crummell had no details of when the work would be done, saying that has been left with the community to work out with the contractor hired to carry out the upgrading of the Flat Bay West well.