Garbage pickup fee will eventually apply to western Newfoundland cabin owners

Cory Hurley
Published on August 9, 2014

Cabin owners in western Newfoundland should prepare to pay for garbage pickup.

Outrage from cabin owners on the east coast has mounted after Eastern Waste Management recently circulated letters to residents on the Witless Bay Line pertaining to a $180-per-year fee for garbage pickup.

“This is one time that I am glad we are way behind,” Don Downer said Friday when asked if cabin owners in this area can expect the same tax.

Although it hasn’t been implemented yet, it will be, said the chair of the western regional authority. Downer did not have a timeline of when it would be rolled out, but it is expected to be the same system as on the east coast.

“We are not close to doing it yet,” he said.

Other than a “tumbled down dump of a place, 10 kilometres up a road you put there yourself,” Downer said the fee will be non-negotiable and mandatory.

He said he would not expect the fee to be onerous on cabin owners, especially those luxurious properties in some of these settlements.

“This is a municipal service,” he said. “People have dwellings or buildings, whether they be part time or full time, and when a service goes past their door then you charge people for it.”

Downer expects the same sort of outrage from cabin owners in this area.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt,” he said.