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‘Home’ for the memories

For Shirley Cordero being surrounded by old friends and sharing memories makes her feel young again.

Shirley Cordero and her husband Sonny came from the United States to take in the alumni reunion of the Amalgamated Regional High School Saturday, July 31, 2010.

At 66 years of age, the former Lundrigan made the trek to her hometown of Corner Brook last week to take part in the reunion of alumni of the Amalgamated Regional High School.

While attending a brunch scheduled for Saturday, the now resident of Arizona shared in a few laughs as people recounted old tales of dealings with fellow students and teachers.

Cordero, who left Corner Brook in 1963 to marry her American husband Sonny, attended the 30-year high school reunion and said she had a wonderful time. She knew she had to attend the alumni reunion as well.

“Newfoundlanders are so lovely and so caring,” she said. “My husband loves it here.

“I met friends here that I wasn’t close to in high school because they were more of the in-crowd and I was more of the studious type.

“They came to my home in California and ended up staying for days and we went to their home in St. John’s.

“So, I came to not only see family, but also I figured this may be the last reunion. We are all getting up there in age.”

Cordero said she gets “home” every four or five years, and still maintains a close friendship with former 1961 graduates — Gloria Tanner (White) and Ruth Hickey (Janes).

“For me, I am 66-years-old, coming here and seeing people I went to elementary school with, hugging them and laughing, makes me feel young,” she said. “I feel like I almost back in high school  ... almost. It gives me really good feelings, that I lived a good life and I did those things.”

She said friendships are important and those made in her high school are cherished.

“If you think about it, some of the people here I have known since I was six-years-old, which is 60 years ago, and here we are still having a good time.”


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