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Several Bay St. George farmers report bumper crop   

With the exception of losing most of his cucumbers to frost in early July, Ernest Romain of Romain’s Farm in Port au Port East is reporting a bumper crop this year. 

Frank Gale/TC Media 

Veronica Young, left, and Mike Gaudon were busy on Wednesday picking and bagging red potatoes at Romain’s Farm in Port au Port East. 

Elaine Wells of Wells Farm in Robinsons is also reporting a bumper crop of over 50 varieties of vegetables that their farm produces. 

She said they weren’t affected by the July frost that took Romain’s cucumbers and believes it must have been a local thing. 

Romain said of the 400 cucumber plants planted at the farm in late June that were coming along fine up to the frost warning date, he only ended up with six cucumbers. 

“I heard the warning but never thought it would affect my area,” he said. “Who would have ever believed we’d have frost on July 5.” 

But the lack of cucumbers was well made up for in other crops at Romain’s Farm with cabbage, turnips, carrots, potatoes and pumpkins all doing well. 

Romain figures they had the right mix of moisture and sun for germination this year. 

The farm already did up roughly 4,500 bags of mixed vegetables for fundraisers in eight schools in the area and at the Port au Port Agricultural and Craft Fall Fair. 

“We move a lot of product fast through the school, especially Stephenville Primary who did almost 1,200 bags this year,” he said. 

Romain said his crew of five workers are harvesting potatoes and will move on to other vegetables after. 

Crowds have been out to the U-Pick pumpkin patch and there’s more to come as Halloween approaches. 

“Children just love to get out in the field and pick their own pumpkins,” he said. 

Once the crew has the harvest complete at the end of October, they will be working six days a week selling from the farm. 

Wells said the season has been fantastic and the weather has been wonderful for growing and harvesting. 

She also said the germination was good and they’ve been taking up crop since July and are still at it. 

While she has a local farm market on Saturdays, the farm sells most of their product to local area grocery stores and Western Wholesale. 

Wells said they did really well with their sales at the Port au Port Agricultural and Craft Fall Fair.

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