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What do you think of the hooks on Corner Brook benches to deter skateboarding?

We asked the people about skateboarding deterrents on city benches.
We asked the people about skateboarding deterrents on city benches.

A lot of people were talking about the new benches installed by the City of Corner Brook as part of its downtown beautification project. Each of the benches feature a pair of eye bolts meant to deter skateboarding along the edges of the seats.  

How do you feel about the directing the city has taken on this matter?

Stephen Musseau
Corner Brook
I think it’s a pretty good idea because the city puts a lot of money into these things and when you got people riding on them they will get torn up. It’s a good thing I think.

Jay Miller
Corner Brook
I know a lot of skaters like to grind on the benches so I think it’s a great idea for the city to do what they did. They are making sure the benches don’t get destroyed by the skaters, so I approve.

Roland Vallis
Isle aux Morts
I think having eye bolts on the benches can be dangerous to me. I don’t think the city should have put them there.

Faith Batstone
Corner Brook
I don’t think they should have them there. In my preference they should have maybe armrests in between because the eye bolts could get caught hooked in anyone’s clothing and somebody could end up getting hurt.

Hannah Reid
Corner Brook
I personally think that’s the right thing to do. If I had a bench in my backyard and somebody came and skateboarded on that it would be vandalism so it’s proper thing to do because you wouldn’t want stuff like this out for public to see and getting ruined.

Jaycee Dredge
Cook’s Harbour
I guess it’s a good idea because the benches are for sitting on not skateboarding. Skateboarders can’t beat them up if they don’t go on them so I agree with the city doing what they did.

New benches in downtown Corner Brook have eye bolts like these installed to deter skateboarding on the seats.

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